API 674 and other regulations for pump units

Issuing time:2020-10-24 11:19

Thevarious applications and media to be pumped place a wide variety of demands onthe pump technology used. Numerous regulations and standards exist for safeoperating procedures, which must be observed during the manufacture of thepumps and the implementation of the systems.

Forexample, the American Petroleum Institute (API), the association of the oil andgas industry in the USA, has developed a large number of technical guidelines andstandards such as API 674. Their influence extends far beyond the borders ofthe USA.

Importantregulations for pump units

Commonrules and regulations for pump manufacturers are:

1. API 674for plunger pumps

API 674contains the minimum requirements for performance, construction and design ofreciprocating positive displacement pumps such as plunger pumps for use inareas such as the oil, gas and chemical industries.

2. API 677for gear selection and dimensioning

API 677describes the requirements for the gear units used and their dimensioning.Typical applications for which this standard has been developed are water pumpsystems in cooling towers.

3. API671/610 Coupling design

API 671and API 610 compose the requirements for the design and construction ofcouplings. Their observance should enable the safe operation of the machinesover long periods of time. The standard is also intended to ensure thelong-term supply of spare parts for the couplings.

4. API 614for lubricating oil systems

API 614describes the requirements for lubricating oil systems. The standard includes,among other things, the specifications for the system components as well as themeasurement and control systems.

5. API 670for monitoring sensors (condition monitoring)

API 670describes the requirements for the machinery protection systems (MPS). Thesystems ensure safe machine operation by measuring various quantities such asvibrations, temperatures and rotational speeds.

6. API520/526 for process safety valves

API 520and API 526 define requirements for the process side safety valves inapplications such as refineries or chemical process plants. The safety valvesare designed to protect the reactors and vessels used from overpressure. Thestandard compiles the most important requirements for this. Externally heatedcontainers are not part of the standards.

7. API 676Lubrication oil pumps

API 676 describes the requirements for lubrication oilpumps operating according to the displacement principle in the oil and gasindustry.

8.IEC/NEMA standard for electric drives

TheNational Electrical Manufacturers' Association (NEMA) and the InternationalElectrotechnical Commission (IEC) have developed numerous regulations andstandards for electrical drives. They compose the requirements for electricmotors, such as those used, for example, to drive pump systems.

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