The five bases of pump selection are simple

Issuing time:2020-11-01 10:23

A pump is a machine for conveying or supercharging liquids. It transfers the mechanical energy or other external energy of the prime mover to the liquid, which increases the liquid energy. It is mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsion, suspended emulsion and liquid metal, etc. It can also transport liquids, gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids. The basis of pump selection should be considered from five aspects according to the process flow, water supply and drainage requirements, including liquid conveying capacity, device head, liquid properties, pipeline layout and operating conditions.

1. flow rate is one of the important performance data of water pump selection, which is directly related to the production capacity and transportation capacity of the whole device. Such as the design institute process design can calculate the pump normal, minimum, maximum three kinds of flow. When selecting pump, according to the maximum flow rate and taking into account the normal flow rate ,1.1 times of the normal flow rate is usually taken as the maximum flow rate when there is no maximum flow rate.

2. lift required by the system is another important performance data of pump selection.

3. liquid properties, including liquid medium name, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties include temperature c density d, viscosity, solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium, which involve the head of the system. Effective cavitation allowance calculation and suitable pump type: chemical properties, chemical corrosion and toxicity of liquid medium.

4. piping arrangement conditions of the system refer to some data such as the lowest liquid level on the side and the highest liquid level on the discharge side, as well as pipe specifications and their length, materials, pipe fittings specifications, quantities, etc., in order to calculate the comb head and check the cavitation allowance.

there are many contents of 5. operating conditions, such as liquid operation T saturated steam force P、 suction side pressure PS( absolute), discharge side vessel pressure PZ、 altitude, ambient temperature operation is gap or continuous, pump position is fixed or removable.

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