Water Pump Conversion Scheme

Issuing time:2020-11-01 10:26

I. Overview of pump usage

The load of production equipment in industrial enterprises is mostly AC asynchronous motor, which accounts for about 65% of the total power consumption of enterprises, especially the efficiency of pump load is relatively low. After China joined the WTO in 2002, Enterprises must improve economic efficiency by reducing costs. In order to enhance competitiveness, saving electricity is an important economic link in reducing production costs. For example, a water supply station, the water supply system is adjusted according to the demand of water consumption, is to adjust the pump valve to adjust the flow, need special personnel on duty, in different cases, switch the valve. The labor intensity is large, at the same time, because the valve forced throttling causes the pump to form the vortex impact, has produced the strong vibration and the noise, has increased the unfavorable loss to the pump service life, the maintenance repair. Moreover, because the torque of the motor is basically constant, the water supply pressure formed by this regulation mode is high, which results in serious throttling power loss, reduced pump efficiency and waste of power.

II. Speed regulation performance of energy-saving retrofit of pump frequency conversion

If the speed of the pump unit is adjustable, we can change the speed of a certain pump to adapt to the change of water demand, which can avoid the overload of the motor caused by the pump unit running in the low efficiency area, On the other hand, it can also avoid waste caused by high water supply pressure. At the same time, the shaft power is greatly reduced with the slow speed of the pump, and the input power of the motor is also reduced, which is the energy saving function of the speed regulating pump in the water supply system.


n=60 f (1-s)/ p according to the speed relation in the working principle of AC motor, it is concluded from the formula that the synchronous speed of the motor can be changed smoothly by changing the power frequency of the stator winding of the motor uniformly. The speed of the motor becomes slower, the shaft power is reduced accordingly, and the input power of the motor is also reduced, which is the energy saving function of the pump speed regulation.

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