Operating Procedure and Application Field of High Pressure Pump

Issuing time:2020-11-01 10:36

Operating Procedure and Application Field of High Pressure Pump

High pressure pump is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving cleaning equipment in the process of work. To some extent, it is mainly used for cleaning heat exchanger or reactor and various pipes in chemical plant, thermal power plant, sugar factory, paper mill, etc. It can also be used for cleaning castings, vehicles, aircraft, ships, slaughterhouses, etc.

The high pressure pump is equipped with a variety of nozzles, which can be used for various purposes, and installed on a flat car with four wheels or a small boat to meet the needs of various occasions. In addition to the pump, there are motor, electronic control box, rolling frame and high pressure hose, in explosion-proof occasions can be equipped with anti-explosion electrical equipment.

Operating Procedures for High Pressure Pumps

Check 1. reducer tank with high pressure pump, whether the oil level of the equipment and the water level of the emulsion tank are above the specified oil level and water level.

Check 2. safety valve, pressure gauge, electric contact pressure gauge, water level gauge, liquid level indicator is sensitive and correct; pressure gauge, safety valve check once a year, safety valve regularly for exhaust test to prevent valve core adhesion and valve hole blockage.

3. check all parts of the pump, valves, solenoid valves, pipes and so on are good, no leakage, gas leakage, oil leakage, check whether the electrical zero (ground) line is solid and reliable, stop pump for more than a week, to measure whether the main motor insulation is good; check the contact signal with the hydraulic press is correct and reliable.

4. high pressure pump opening sequence:

(1) Check that the valves, suction valves and circulating gate valves on the pumps, water storage (gas) tanks and pipes to be operated are all in the open position, opening the pump head outlet valve of the high pressure pump and the cooling water valve of the lubricating oil pump;

(2) Start the lubricating oil pump, run for 1~2 minutes, the oil pressure is 0.15~0.2 MPA, after the lubricating oil indicator light shows normal, start the main motor of the high pressure pump;

(3) Close the exhaust valve immediately after the pump head is exhausted;

(4) After the operation of the high pressure pump is normal, close the circulating valve electromagnet power supply, plug in the power supply, after the water level rises above level 4, close the lower liquid valve electromagnet switch, When the water level rises to level 7, the hydraulic press sends a "workable" signal.

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