Working Principle Characteristics and Water Injection Method of Oil Field Injection Pump

Issuing time:2020-11-01 11:03

What is an oil field water injection pump?

The so-called oil pump is a pump that supplies oil to oil wells in the oil field.

What is the purpose of oil field pumps?

Oil well water injection is the key part of oil field production. In some wells with insufficient liquid supply, it is necessary to use water injection pump to inject a certain amount of water into the well, dilute the oil and raise the oil level to a certain height in order to facilitate oil recovery.

The working principle of oil field injection pump after oil field development, with the increase of mining time, the energy of the reservoir itself will be consumed continuously, resulting in the continuous decline of reservoir pressure. Underground. The crude oil is degassed in large quantities, the viscosity increases, the production of the well is greatly reduced, and even the production will stop spraying, resulting in a large amount of dead oil remaining underground. In order to make up for the underground deficit caused by crude oil exploitation, maintain or increase reservoir pressure, realize high and stable production of oil field, and obtain high recovery rate, it is necessary to inject oil field.

The working principle of the oil field injection pump is to use the ultra-high pressure produced by the oil field injection pump to inject water into the reservoir through the water injection well to supplement and maintain the pressure of the oil well. Oil layer. According to the specific conditions of oil field, reservoir structure form, area size and comprehensive economic benefit, the type selection of injection pump should be considered. The treated water is pressurized by the water injection pump, then distributed to each injection well through water distribution, and the flow rate of the injected water is measured in the water distribution chamber.

Characteristics of oil field injection pump :● suitable for oil field and mine water injection pump and ultra-high pressure pump. ● gearbox type: motor, diesel engine, gearbox driver, pulley driver. ● high pressure pump with safety regulator, can freely adjust the pressure of the pump. ● electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation, variable plunger diameter can be used to adjust the flow rate to meet the selection requirements. ● pump body is made of alloy steel, martensite, austenitic stainless steel ,316,316 L duplex steel.

Oil field injection pump water injection method: oil field injection pump water injection method is injection production system, refers to the location of water injection well in reservoir and water injection well. The relationship between production wells can be selected according to the characteristics of oil fields:

1. water injection method.

2. edge water injection method is divided into three edge water injection methods: external water injection, edge water injection and edge water injection.

3. regional water injection methods can be divided into five points: water injection, seven point water injection, seven point water injection, four point water injection and nine point water injection.

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