How the factory chooses the appropriate high pressure pump.

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How the factory chooses the appropriate high pressure pump.


In industrial production in industrial production, choosing a high-pressure cleaning machine mainly depends on the size of its working pressure.


There are still many factors to be considered in how the factory chooses the high pressure cleaning machine, such as the industrial environment, the frequency of daily use, the cleaning of the surface of common objects, and so on. This is to be considered before deciding to buy a high pressure cleaning machine.


First, the high-pressure cleaning machine has two main parameters: one is the working pressure, the other is the working flow per unit time.

总的来说一台高压清洗机的工作流量和工作压力一样的重要的参数,同样是一台800bar高压清洗机,如果它们的工作流量不同,那这两台800 bar高压清洗机的输入功率也相差很大,从这就可以看出它们的区别。

Overall, the working flow of a high-pressure cleaning machine is as important as the working pressure. It is also an 800 bar high-pressure cleaning machine. If their working flow is different, the input power of the two 800 bar high-pressure cleaning machines also varies greatly. From this we can see their difference.


When cleaning the same object, two machines with the same working pressure work much faster.


Second, so under what circumstances to use a large flow of high-pressure cleaning machine is better?


Generally used to do pipeline dredging, large flow back thrust is also relatively large, so that the length of the pipeline can be long.


There is also a large area of high-strength cleaning, the working flow conference greatly improve the working efficiency of working face cleaning.


In short, under the same working pressure, the high-pressure cleaning machine with large flow rate will work much faster than the flow rate.


But the highpressure cleaning machine with large flow rate, energy consumption is also relatively large, if the same machine with large flow rate machine energy consumption is about 20% higher.


In the specific process of use, each user is required to select the working pressure and flow rate of their own high pressure cleaning machine according to different requirements, rather than only looking at the working pressure and not paying attention to the working flow rate.


Choosing the appropriate high pressure cleaning equipment can not only accomplish the cleaning purpose efficiently, but also the cost is reasonable, and the improper equipment may damage the cleaned object and increase the unnecessary cost.


Fourth, in the past high-pressure cleaning process, people often ignore the choice of high-pressure hose for effluent, think that the loss of high-pressure water in the hose is not large, will not affect the cleaning effect, but really so.


When the working face is satisfied, the total length of the high pressure hose should be shortened as far as possible, generally not more than 30 m and the length of the single hose should generally be greater than 5 m, to reduce the number of joints.


In addition, the choice of nozzle of high pressure cleaning machine is also very important.


The widely used nozzles are nozzles and conical nozzles.

扇形喷嘴在低于15Mpa的压力下工作有较高的清洗效率;而锥形喷嘴工作压力在15~30 Mpa范围内较适宜。

The fan nozzle has higher cleaning efficiency under the pressure of less than 15 Mpa, while the conical nozzle working pressure is more suitable in the range of 15~30 Mpa.


The purchase of suitable high-quality high-pressure cleaning machine should be considered comprehensively in order to achieve the purpose of application, and the reasonable addition of accessories can make the high-pressure cleaning machine have a and function.

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