About YALONG Pumps

Issuing time:2020-12-26 09:27

About YALONG Pumps

YALONG T-Series and Q-Series are versatilepumps,   offered in a variety of material and design options that enable   them   tobe used in a wide range of applications. The YALONG pumps cast iron power frameensures robust, fatigue-free   durability   and excellent wear resistance of movingsurfaces. The fluid cylinders are made from either forged 4140 carbon steel,2205

duplex stainless-steel, or 955 cast nickel-aluminum-bronze materials forincreased durability and extended life.

Critical components like the crankshaft,connecting rods, crossheads, and bearings are larger than theindustry-standards.   This enables them to withstand continuous duty service andharsh operating conditions. YALONG provides tungsten-carbide,   coated plungersas standard.

YALONG offers optional solid ceramic, orceramic-coated plungers on request for special applications with pumpingabrasive   or corrosive fluids for superior durability. The oil trough isdesigned to evenly lubricate the crossheads and wrist-pin   bearings duringoperation to reduce wear and extend component life. A variety of packingarrangements are available to meet the requirements of any application. YALONGpumps are API-674 compliant upon request.

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